About SmartGenie

SmartGenie is the first Malaysia based Digital Insurance Vault. Powered by strong Artificial Intelligence (AI), SmartGenie provides consumers with the easiest solution to manage their insurance policies online through Mobile and Web platforms.

Our Tagline – Insurance Simplified

SmartGenie fulfills the wishes of the consumer by making the process of Insurance simple, secure, convenient and affordable.


Why choose us

Digital Insurance Vault

SmartGenie is a Digital Insurance Vault where customers can self manage their different insurance policies (portfolio) by just clicking photos of their existing policies.

Image reading technology

SmartGenie uses latest image reading technology to capture data from the pictures and saves it in the customer’s SmartGenie Vault, which can then be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Smart Analysis

SmartGenie will also provide customers with Insurance Gap Analysis to highlight insurance products which are not yet part of customer’s portfolio. If a customer wishes to fill the gap, SmartGenie will provide options to customers to compare offers from different insurance companies & buy insurance online.


Renewal/Payment Reminders

SmartGenie will provide additional services like Renewal Reminders/Payment due date Reminders, so that customers never misses on their cover. It also provides necessary claims information and emergency assistance information.