Car Insurance can be claimed in case of an accident. An accident can be our mistake, or the mistake of the other person, namely third party. Claims can be made under:

  • Third party (compulsory cover to be purchased as per Malaysian regulatory rule)
  • Comprehensive cover


Let us now discuss the claim process under: THIRD PARTY COVER

A Third Party claim occurs when a Car accident occurs due to your fault or a third party’s fault. Damages can be claimed and the Insurance company pays for:

  • Physical injury
  • Death
  • Property Damage (damage to the car or if the car has damaged a public/private property)

As a Third Party Cover owner, 2 scenarios arise when we need to ascertain the faulty party.


  • When the accident was YOUR fault:

Consider a situation where you see the yellow traffic light and assume by speeding you can cross the intersection before it turns red. Unfortunately, the timing goes all wrong, and you end up crashing into another car. This is one example of the accident being your fault.

Process to Claim:

  • A police complaint should be filed and the insurance company has to be duly informed (both parties).
  • The insurance company, on your behalf, will look into the matter and solve/pay out what is needed. In case the insurance company needs further information, you will be contacted.

The downside of this cover is that any expense relating to the damage on your car, due to this accident, has to be borne by you.


  • When the accident was NOT YOUR fault:

Consider the same example above, but in this case it is your car that gets damaged by another speeding car. This becomes the Third Party’s fault.

Process to Claim:

  • File a police complaint within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident and then inform your respective insurance company. However, your insurance company will not assist you in filing a claim. Instead, we have to file a claim against the wrongdoer’s (Third Party) Insurance company.
  • Also, under the Third Party cover, you are required to handle the repair costs on your own and only post that can you claim against the faulty party. The third party also has to submit necessary documents and finally a settlement will take place.


It is important that in such cases, you have a good insurance agent to help you through this tedious process. For more details visit for claims information of different companies.


Malaysia has several insurance companies offering a variety of car insurance plans. Visit to compare and get the best price for different policies.


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