Claiming your health insurance can be done under two methods:

  • Cashless policy
  • Reimbursement policy



  • If your insurance company has a tie up with a particular hospital, cashless policy is the way to go in order to make claims for treatment received.
  • A cashless admission policy allows you to get admitted into a hospital without having to pay any deposit.
  • An ID card and the insurance card will be required at the time of admission or treatment. In case your insurance card is not available in hand, a letter of guarantee can be passed on to the hospital by requesting for it from the insurance provider.



  • Under this policy, you will cover your bills first, and then the insurance provider reimburses the cost. Post treatment, inform the insurance provider. Further, you will need a copy of:
    • Doctor/medical report
    • Medical tests undertaken
    • Discharge summary (if hospitalisation was involved)
    • Other treatment bills
    • Claim form
  • Most reimbursement policies require you to apply for claim within 30 days of the incident.
  • Lastly, always remember to find out what tests, medical procedures are covered under a reimbursement policy. You may have to pay out-of-pocket for some procedures and treatments.


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