Travel Insurance has a wide variety of components that it covers. Thus, making a claim may vary with each type of eventuality. In all aspects. the documents required, and process to claim are common.


Prior to making a claim, it is imperative that in an event of any kind of emergency while travelling, you:

  • Inform the travel insurance company
  • Provide all necessary details of the incident – theft, baggage lost, medical emergency and so on


Once you are ready to claim for the incident, the following steps need to be followed:


To make any claim, certain documents are vital in order to give relevant information to the insurance company. Some are listed below:

  • Personal documents – Passport, NRIC card
  • Claims form
  • Travel schedule/itinerary
  • Flight tickets
  • Boarding passes



  • In case of a medical claim, along with the claims form, all medical invoices, test reports, discharge summary, doctor certificate and death claims (on event of death) will be required for submission.
  • If you are hospitalised for more than 24 hours, daily allowance up to the maximum number of days specified in the policy will be provided.
  • In the event of accidental death, the cost incurred to transport the remains of the deceased will be taken care off.



  • If you have lost your baggage or the baggage has been damaged, a list of the lost items in the bag will be required. Also, the value of these items would be required.
  • In case of damage, a picture of the damaged baggage will be needed to support the claim.
  • Notify the airport authorities in such an event, or the hotel staff depending on where the event occurred. Sometimes, an additional police report will be asked for.



Curtailment: If you could not travel due to some unforeseen events like a medical emergency, a doctor’s medical certificate will be needed to claim.


Post applying for a claim, the insurance company will review all the necessary documents. They can also request for more supporting documents if needed. If the claim is deemed satisfactory, the insurance company will make a payout as per the policy rules.


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