There is a saying, ‘Home is where the heart is’. Even if one considers a home as a permanent fixture, a deeply loved home is prone to perils & damage. Disasters affecting a home can come anywhere and in multiple forms. Thus, having a home insurance to protect your home and the valuables in it is vital.



  • Basic Fire Policy: The insured property will be covered against loss or damage caused due to lightning, fire or explosion of some kind.
  • House Owner Policy: Under this policy, household contents are covered for along with the house owner or policy holder. In other words, if any fatal injury occurs to the policy holder, the damages are covered along with the contents damaged. However, any damage to the house itself is not covered.
  • Householder Policy: This policy acts as an additional cover against disasters like flood, burst pipes and so on.



For additional premium, some of the exclusions below can be covered under a home insurance policy:

  • Damage due to earthquake, volcanic eruption, floods
  • Damage due to landslide
  • Damage due to riots or strikes

However, some exclusions that are not covered even under additional premiums are:

  • Damage due to forced entry/theft
  • Death of the policy holder
  • Third party accidents



Insurance coverage under home is not based on the property value but by how much it costs to reconstruct or buy/replace the contents that were damaged. Hence it is important that you are not underinsured. For example, if the cost to rebuild the house is more than the sum insured, then you will have to pay the excess amount needed to rebuild the house.

Home insurance add-ons can be an expensive affair. Hence making sure you take some precautions early on is suitable. If you follow the safety measures like having a security guard, installing fire alarms etc, the premiums will be lower.



  • Notifying the insurance company at the earliest is very important. This helps the insurance company investigate the loss immediately.
  • While submitting the claim, make sure you detail the incident, provide damage information and back up with supporting information like photos.
  • Post this, the insurance company will send over a team/person to investigate the losses and assess the situation.
  • If any damage needs immediate attention, attend to it and save the bills for claiming later. However, for the bigger repairs, get an estimate and make sure you get an approval before starting the repair process.


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