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Prevention is better than cure, is a common proverb which holds good when we bring up the topic of life insurance. To assure that our loved ones do not suffer financially due to the death of a breadwinner, buying a life insurance is imperative. Without breaking the bank, life insurance can be bought by paying


Claims under Takaful insurance are of three types: Motor Non-Motor Family Products   MOTOR CLAIMS UNDER TAKAFUL This will act as a guide for motor claims and types of documents needed under various motor policy claim scenarios.   CLAIMS IN THE EVENT OF ACCIDENT Once a car is involved in an accident, do not agree


A life insurance policy can be claimed in several ways. Let us look at the most common scenarios.   DEATH CLAIMS 1. Contestable Claim: When death occurs within two years from the policy issue date or the latest date of reinstatement (whichever is later), is a contestable claim. There are two scenarios in a contestable


TRAVEL RIGHT!! Most of us love to plan for that much awaited holiday to get away from everyday life. While we all want to have the perfect holiday, things may not go on to be smooth sailing always. There are times when your flight may get canceled due to various reasons, or your baggage could


Based on the Islamic Muamalat (Islamic transactions), Takaful insurance is a Shariah compliant Insurance. Members under this insurance contribute funds in a pooling system. The funds collected are called Tabarru and such contributors are covered under Takaful. The laws governing this type of insurance brings out the importance of co-operating and protecting fellow individuals.  


In Malaysia’s Insurance industry, Motor Insurance as a product is one of the largest. This Insurance type is compulsory for all vehicles driven on the country’s public roads. Motor Insurance includes two types – Car Insurance and Motorbike Insurance.   Even though its compulsory, let’s look at why Car Insurance is important. Car Insurance provides

Open  your  SmartGenie  Vault  today  through  our  SmartGenie  APP